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Scholarship Application


DEADLINE: Submit electronically below by March 17, 2017. APPLICATION PROCESS IS CLOSED for 2017.

Applicant must plan to major in music or music education at any college, university or conservatory in the USA, in any music field, to be eligible for this scholarship. For additional requirements, see Entrants' list below. 
1. Scholarship funds will be paid to the school of record, as supplied by the student.
2. Any multiple year scholarships must maintain a B average and student will provide a hard copy of official school grades at the end of each term and prior to the beginning of the next term. Student must maintain their intention to major in music.
3. Any delay of attending college or a break between terms will negate the scholarship. 


1. Must be a US citizen.
2. Must be a high school senior (Public, Private or Home Schooled) and permanently reside in a county where an active member of The Music Club of Greenville resides (Pickens County, Greenville County or Spartanburg County).
3. Entrants should be prepared to perform both pieces from memory, but will be allowed to perform one of their two pieces with music, if necessary, without penalty.
4. Must audition in person before a panel of Judges, Saturday, April 1, 2017 at the Fine Arts Center, 102 Pine Knoll Drive, Greenville.
5. Must provide own accompanist, if solo dictates.
6. Must be prepared to perform for The Music Club of Greenville on Monday, May 8, 2017 at 7:00 PM with their accompanist. Location is Greenville Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, 741 Cleveland Street, Greenville.
7. Responsible for communicating to committee and pre-arranging any necessary equipment set-up.
8. Jazz applicants must bring a complete ensemble necessary for the pieces they perform.
9. Audition areas include voice, piano, strings (including guitar), winds, brass, and percussion.  
10. Audition time will be assigned after application is received.  If a special time is needed, please note this on your application or send an email to


Open to instrumentalists and vocalists for performance degrees or for music ed.  If applying on more than one instrument or field, please submit a separate application for each one. 

VOCAL REPERTOIRE: Two selections of different styles or periods.  (A portion of a long composition may be performed for one selection).  Total performance time should not exceed 6 minutes. 

INSTRUMENTAL REPERTOIRE: Two selections of different styles or period. (A portion of a long composition may be performed as one selection.) Total performance time should not exceed 6 minutes. Bring copies of your music for the judges.

MUSIC EDUCATION: In addition to a musical audition of ONE memorized selection on the applicant's instrument of choice, there will be an interview to better understand the student's goals.

Questions: 864-269-9714

Please fill in ALL questions below.

Scholarship Application 2017
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