Community Grant Applications not due until October 1.
Application process will be online this year.

Grant Application for 2017

                        The Music Club of Greenville

Request for Community Funding 2017-2018


Application must be submitted by October 1, 2017

Limited to residents of Greenville, Pickens and Spartanburg Counties

Due to teacher requests, the deadline for grant applications has been moved later into the school year so that teachers better understand their needs.

Online applications will be electronically sent to the Community Grants Committee. SEE BELOW for APPLICATION. You can copy and paste your program description into the box for ease of submission. Receipt of your application will be confirmed by copying the application form back to you.


2017 Community Grants Application

Please submit budget and photos to Subject line should read: MCOG Community Grants - School Name

Teacher Name:
School Name:
School Address:
Teacher Phone:
Teacher Email:
Dollars Requested:
Name of Program $$Requested For:
Describe Program:
Describe Benefits to Students:
Has School Received Previous MCOG funding?: