Scholarship Applications were due by March 17.
Application process is closed for 2017.

Talented local musicians are rewarded.
CONGRATULATIONS to our 2016 Scholarship Winners: 

The Lucile P. Ward 4-year Scholarship -Renewed for Maria Parrini's Junior Year

The Marcia Flow Piano Scholarship - Zoe Kushubar, Violin

The Bichel Foundation Scholarship - Rachel Reed, Cello

The Tom and Edna Hartness Scholarship - Ellie MacPhee, Violin

The Music Club of Greenville Scholarship - Katherine Woo, Violin

The Music Club of Greenville Vocal Scholarship - Charly Anne Roper

The Sherwood Mobley Scholarship - Timoteo Lucario, Jazz Percussion

The Harriet Dempsey Scholarship - Brianna Callahan, Alto Saxophone

The Tom and Debra Strange Scholarship - Wendel Donald, Jazz Piano

The Lily Mae Dorman Scholarship - Lauren Painter, Soprano

The Judges' Scholarship - Thomas Palmer, B flat Clarinet and Nicholas Kanipe, Oboe